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Araliya Sewana (15)
Posted 07-12-2023
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Posted 07-12-2023
Room No 33 (288)
Posted 07-12-2023
Yes Madam - Episode 92
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Age Kathawa (22)
Posted 06-12-2023
Yes Madam - Episode 91
Posted 06-12-2023
Tharu Irida (41)
Posted 04-12-2023
Karata Kara
Posted 04-12-2023
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  English News

Three including Ven. Gnanasara Thera summoned in house ownership caseThree including Ven. Gnanasara Thera summoned in house ownership case

Considering a personal complaint, the Magistrate issued the following notice to the respondents, Ven. Galaboda Aththe

  Views: 313     Oct 03, 2023      

Ministers cannot interfere in the markings of the government exams - PM

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said at present the country has transformed into an era in which the language is pronounced

  Views: 7001     Jul 25, 2023      

Sri Lankan Consulate General in Mumbai hosts Shishuvan students and faculty members

Standard IV students and 14 faculty members of Shishuvan School, Mumbai visiting the Sri Lankan Consulate as part

  Views: 7003     Jul 25, 2023      

Security stepped up around National Hospital owing to protests

The All Ceylon Nurses’ Union says that it will launch a series of protests from today (July 17) onwards against the

  Views: 6931     Jul 17, 2023      

New Turkey earthquake leaves three dead and people trapped under rubble in Hatay

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also said 213 people had been injured.

  Views: 6882     Feb 24, 2023      

Curfew removed for Sri Lankan cricketer on rape charges

Sri Lankan cricketer Danushka Gunathilaka can use the WhatsApp messaging service and go out at night again after

  Views: 6846     Feb 24, 2023      

UDA sells three more houses under ‘houses for dollars’ programme

Three more houses have been sold by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) under the programme of selling houses

  Views: 6830     Nov 02, 2022      

Fifteen including monk arrested

Police arrested a monk and 14 others over the death of the Sergeant afterwards.The residents claimed

  Views: 6886     Nov 02, 2022      

Rishi Sunak set to become UK’s first Indian-origin PM

Rishi Sunak is set to become the UK’s Prime Minister replacing his once leadership rival Liz Truss as the country faces

  Views: 6802     Oct 25, 2022